10 Person Buddy Shoot

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To start, 10 people with varying degrees of skill sign up.


Then all the names are drawn to form random pairs.


The teams then take their places on the 27 yard line.
For the first target, the shooter standing on the left calls for the bird and then tries to hit it. If he misses, then his partner shoots at it and hopefully hits it. If one of them hits it, they gain a point.
If the first shooter hits it and then the trigger happy partner also shoots at it, they lose the point. If they both miss, they lose the point.


This process is repeated down the line until pair 1 has their turn again. This time the shooter on the right calls for the bird and shoots first.


The process starts again once all the teams have shot at 2 birds and moved to the next station.


At the end, the team with the most points out of 10 wins. Each partner gets a prize.


In the case of a tie between 2 or more teams, the team with the lowest starting station will pick a spot to commence the shoot off. If both teams make it through the first spot, then the second team picks a spot. This picking a spot alternates until a team has won the shoot off.