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(A game of elimination)

To start, everyone who wants to enter puts their name on the sign up list. Following sign-up, everyone lines up behind the 27 yard line. The first 4 or 5 people raise their loaded guns and point towards the concrete trap house. The person on the left calls for the bird and tries to hit it. If he hits it, no-one else should shoot. If someone is trigger happy and does shoot, they lose one life and move to the end of the line.

The contest resumes with the person to the right of the last person to hit the target calling for the bird. Same thing again. 4 to 5 people have raised their guns and try to hit the target. If the first person misses the bird, then the second person takes a shot at it. If the second person misses then the third person shoots, and so on, until the fourth or fifth person has taken the shot or the bird has hit the ground. If no-one hits the bird, the next person down the line from the original shooter takes the first shot.


If the third person to shoot at the bird hits it, and then the trigger happy fourth person takes a shot, this means that the first, second and fourth persons lose a life and move to the end of the line, maintaining the order that they were standing in previously. The person standing to the right of the person who hit the bird is the first to start the process again.


If two people shoot at the same time and the bird breaks and it is not easily determined who broke the bird, then the second person is out, since they should have waited for their turn. If the bird does not break, no harm, no foul, don’t do it again.


If shooters 1 and 2 miss, 3 does not shoot and number 4 fires and breaks the target, then only number 4 is out. Number 4 shot out of turn and the next in line to shoot is number 2. If number 4 missed, then we start back at number 2 with no-one out. 


After being knocked out twice, you leave the line-up altogether. You are done participating in this contest.


There will be a prize awarded for every 5 people that enter. For example, if 30 people enter, 6 prizes are awarded. The last six people will each win a prize.