Sportsman’s Show and Swap Meet

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At the Quesnel Legion Hall June 11, 2022

  • Open to public at 09:00 am until 4:00 pm
  • Entrance fee is $2 for adults
    Accompanied kids are free
  • Sports Enthusiasts of all ages come on out!
  • For tables or more information contact: Wes @ 250-991-6722

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  1. quesneltk

    Good Day! Thanks Wes for taking on the Sportsman Show/Swap Meet. I assume the table fee includes ones own admission to the event and a further $2 is not required, but I am wondering if it would include a second person’s entry fee? As most of us that have booked a table(s) will require some assistance during the day for breaks etc. Not a big deal at all to pay the $2 entry fee for ones helper but thought I would ask. 🙂 I have already obtained a STATT for some restricted firearms that I will be trying to sell and suggest that anyone else wishing to do the same not wait too long to request that. I’m sure that since May 18th the CFO’s and Firearms Center are overwhelmed and a longer than usual delay could be expected. Hopefully the CFC web portal will be functioning and available so reference numbers can be obtained at the show and folks can actually leave with their newly purchase non-restricted firearms.

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