Fight Bill C 71

Hi All,

Please help fight Bill C-71 and protect law abiding firearms owners by doing the following:

  1. Send a letter to Minister Goodale, the Prime Minister and your Member of Parliament letting them know you are opposed to Bill C-71. Attached is a draft letter you can use – simply insert your name, address, signature block; make and sign three copies and mail – postage is not necessary. Due to the numerous flaws in Bill C-71 I recommend simplicity in the letter. We may want to send follow up letters on specific aspects of the legislation.
  2. Forward this request to the Club Presidents and Club executives of the clubs in your region with a request that they organize a club advocacy campaign. Effective advocacy is a “numbers game” – the more people that share a concern, the more likely government will be responsive.
  3. Forward this request to friends and fellow sports shooters/hunters that share your concerns and ask them to send letters.
  4. Call your local Member of Parliament’s (MP) constituency office and ask to meet with him/her on this issue. The attached “Firearms Legislation 2018 March 25” provides detailed comments on the tabled legislation based on review/consideration to date to assist you in your consideration and in discussing this legislation with others. If you would like assistance in meeting with your Member of Parliament, please let me know and I will see if I can arrange for someone to assist. Note: please meet with your MP regardless of his/her party.

Also attached; comments on the Firearms Legislation and Crime statistics involving hand guns since 1995.

Please take action to defend law abiding firearms owners.


Vic Skaarup
Chair, BCWF Recreational Sports Shooting Committee