Reject Bill C-71

A message from Gary Mauser;

Hi All,  

I would appreciate it you’d help me to encourage BCWF members to write the Senators on the Committee that will evaluate Bill C-71. 

The Senate reconvenes in February and Bill C-71 will be examined in committee at that time. 

I’d like to get as many people as possible to write the Committee members to tell them that they’re unhappy with Bill C-71.

I’m attaching a letter I’m distributing on behalf of the BCWF Firearms Committee, and I’d be happy to get all the help I can get. I’ve also sent a copy of this letter to Chuck Zuckerman asking for the support of the Sport Shooting Committee. 

Would you be willing to distribute this letter at your club or wherever you think you can get people to sign? 

If you want to re-write it, be my guest. I’m not the only one who can write a letter.  

We’re all in this fight together. 

As the letter is set up now, it includes the name of local MP who I identify from the postal code. I then send the local MP a copy. 

You may not wish to do that as that’s a lot of work. Just cut the part out if you wish.

Thanks for any and all help you can be.