2Gun Competition and Night Shoot

The Competition

On the weekend of the 6th and 7th November the club will be holding a 2Gun competition.

  • Prizes will be involved and there will be log fires, tea/coffee etc available to keep you warm.
  • The competition will be one day long and consist of 4 stages. The same shoot will take place on the 6th and 7th to allow for people to come on different days, you of course only need to attend on one day though if you wish too you can attend twice but priority will be given to those who have not shot yet.
  • The competition will involve shots out to 300m and as such is not 22LR friendly
  • The rules and scoring will be made available on the club website for you to see. Scoring will be based on time so speed and accuracy is of the essence.
  • While so far in the 2 Gun Fun shoots a significant amount of coaching has been present throughout there will be less available in the competition, each stage will have it’s information printed and present for you to read and remember. This is important as penalties can be incurred from not-engaging targets, or hitting no shoots etc.
  • A PAR time will be present for each stage of fire, If a participant exceeds the time limit, they will be stopped by an Event Official and the stage will be scored as shot with the scored time at PAR time
  • Entry will be $15, A rental gun and pistol will be available for $10 each with magazines included
  • Safety brief at 0900, kick off 0930
  • Registration will be online, we will share the registration system with you ASAP
  • The suggested ammo count for the competition will be as follows: Rifle: 150, Pistol 125 (Note: the suggested ammo count is what we suggest you bring, not a minimum needed to make all the required hits, the minimum is lower but we don’t assume 100% accuracy)
  • Holsters, will not be required
  • Dump barrels, will likely be used

Equipment Divisions

You, everything you’re wearing, and your gear will remain unaltered throughout all stages. Example: If you wear kneepads on one stage, you wear kneepads on all stages. Exceptions: Snacks, repair parts, water, ammunition.


  • Rifles and handguns with iron sights only.
  • Configuration of gear may not change throughout the event.


  • Rifles with iron sights or any single optic.
  • No bipods or such.
  • Handguns with iron sights only.
  • Configuration of gear may not change throughout the event.


  • No restrictions on gear or equipment.

Night Shoot

As the last night shoot was enjoyed so much and as many people may have travelled far to come to the competition we are going to run a fun night shoot on the saturday night (6th) using all the equipment we will have already placed out for the competition. This shoot will not impact your competition scores in any way.

  • Free entry to those who are participating in the competition, $15 for those who are not
  • Sunset will be 17:30 with darkness by 18:00, Safety brief will be at 17:30 and the start of shooting at 18:00
  • 2 – 3 stages
  • 22LR friendly
  • Targets out to 100m


It is advised that you make use of the fantastic facilities we have at QRGC if you feel the need to test your skills a little in advance of the shoot. The VTAC, Barrels, Stands and more can all be found on the 100m, 25m and pistol bay ranges. So long as you use them safely, on the firing line and put everything back it’s not a problem at all.


If you would like additional safety training or training on how to use barricades etc. effectively then please get in touch with us and we will consider having a safety/training session in advance of the shoot. The October 2nd 2 Gun fun shoot would be an excellent place to put things into practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the stage briefings and shot counts?

  • Stages are not published beforehand. Rifle shots will be made out to 300m, The minimum required shots will be about 150 for the rifle and 125 for the handgun.

Can I rent a gun from you?

  • Yes, a WK180C 5.56 rifle (zeroed at 50/200m with American Eagle 55gr FMJ) with a Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8×24 and 4z Cross Magazines (80 rounds) and a CZ Shadow 2 9mm with 6x Magazines (60 rounds) can be rented out to shooters at $10 per firearm per day. Those who rent a firearm will be placed together in the same squad for ease of logistics.

Can my mum and little brother come to watch me suffer on the stages?

  • Yes! Spectators who follow the instructions of the range and organizers and wear eye and ear protection are most welcome. No need to register or buy a ticket for this, just show up and the staff will assist you. The indoor range will have hot drinks available.

Can I participate with a pistol-caliber carbine?

  • They are not suitable for this competition due to the requirement to conduct 300m shots

Can I stay overnight at the range?

  • Yes, if you have your own RV or tent, you are welcome to camp at the range. Please be aware that Bears desensitised to gunfire are in the area
  • Several RV parks are present within Quesnel (20min drive from the range)