2Gun – The Cariboo Challenge

The Cariboo Challenge is a Brutality Shooting Competition like no other. Not only will you compete against all other attendees as an individual but also the squad you are in will compete against all other squads! This will include challenges conducted by multiple squads at the same time…

This shoot will involve challenging physical activity in uncertain weather conditions (It may be hot, raining, cold or all 3). This can include the movement of heavy objects, moving through undulating terrain at speed and more. Nice big log fires will be present and a heated indoor range space will be present.

Targets will range from 5 – 200m and as such Pistol Calibre Carbines can be used if you want to

Round count (Suggested quantity to bring to the match, not a minimum round count)
Rifle: 225
Pistol: 175

A minimum magazine/stripper clip capacity of 50 rounds for rifle is required. A suggested 40 round magazine/clip capacity for pistols.

Cash payments only for registration and firearm rentals on the day, no exceptions.

Contact email: quesnelmultigun@gmail.com


Scoring will be based on time so speed and accuracy is of the essence.

Holsters, will not be required, Serpa holsters are banned
Dump stations, will be used


– Rifles and handguns with iron sights only
– Configuration of gear may not change throughout the event.

– Rifles with iron sights or any single optic.
– No bipods or such.
– Handguns with iron sights only
– Configuration of gear may not change throughout the event.

– No restrictions on equipment or it’s use

No restrictions on gear, weapons or equipment as long as all of it is retained throughout the entire match. Gear needs to be carried/worn on stage, those can be removed when the shooter is not on the stage. All the mandatory gear needs to be carried/worn while on stage. It is forbidden to drop mandatory gear while on stage in order to lighten carried gear (Note: While doing quick magazine change it is ok to drop the magazines)
Mandatory gear needs to be accessible so that the shooter can access those with one hand. (For example the 3 mandatory rifle mags must be accessed with one hand, but any additional rifle mags can be for example in a backpack)

Equipment required during the stages for Armoured shooters. Shooter needs to carry these when the stage starts (In the stage briefing it can be instructed that some combat division mandatory gear is not needed on that stage):

– Pistol which shooter is using in the competition. Pistol is carried in the holster which shooter is using in the competition, if pistol is not needed in the stage then the shooter can insert an empty magazine into the pistol with range officer’s permission.
– At least 3x rifle magazines
– At least 1 liter of water. (Note: Shooter can drink the water during the competition, however shooter needs to make sure that he/she is carrying at least 1 liter of water while on the stage)
– Knife/multitool. (Length of the blade has to be at least 90mm)
– Flashlight
– Gloves.
– Sling (Needs to be carried, not necessary attached)
– First aid kit. (Has to include at least CAT / tourniquet)
– Plate carrier / Chestrig
– Long sleeved shirt and pants with long leg, color of these clothes needs to be discreet so that those could be used in military service.
– Boots which color is dicreet so that those can be used in military service. Shoes needs to be give support to ankle
– The weight of the gear need to be at least 12 kg

Gear which is weighed (rifle, clothes, shoes etc. are not calculated in the weight):
– Pistol the shooter is carrying
– Plate carrier / Chestrig
– Battle belt / Belt
– All protective vests
– Gear that needs to be carried during the stage (listed above)
– All the gear which are carried by the shooter including the knee and elbow pads

Note: A gear inspection will take place prior to any shooting to ensure that all those who attend have the appropriate PPE and equipment appropriate to the competition (to avoid any “fumbles”)