Big Buddy Shoot

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(A team elimination event)


You may enter this event between 1 and 10 times. You pay $5/entry. When you sign up you must indicate how many times you would like to enter.


After everyone has signed up, we put all the names in a hat and start drawing random pairs.


All the teams are then written down on a list as they are drawn and that determines the shooting order.


The first team on the list decides where the initial shooting position will be. This is usually back further than 27 yards.


The teams are called out to take their place to shoot. Shooter 1 calls for the bird and shoots at it. If he misses then his partner shoots at it. If they hit it, they are not crossed off the list. If the first shooter hits the target, but the trigger happy partner also shoots, they are crossed off the list. If both shooters miss, they are crossed off the list.


Eventually everyone on the list gets a chance to shoot and the list is reduced in size. Once they get back to the top of the list, the first team still remaining on this list picks a position to shoot from. The shooting process is repeated down the remaining list, but the 2nd shooter shoots first in even numbered rounds.


This process is repeated until there are only 2 teams left. They shoot until one team misses and there is a definite winner. The 1st place team is paid 70% of the entry fees collected (minus 2nd place entry fees) and the 2nd place team have their entry fees refunded.