Think Beyond Your Own Entitlement

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To our members.

We all lose, because of a few members or guests that don’t think beyond their own entitlement.

1. Target stands are being shot to pieces by buckshot on the 500 meter range.  Volunteers are rebuilding them, for now. When the volunteers are disgusted enough to quit rebuilding, build your own and pack it in and pack it out.

2. Steel Challenge targets are no longer left out, because they are being damaged by magnum rounds. Members can no longer use them outside designated times for their own practice. Some members compete provincially and nationally. 

3. One of our members reminded 2 other members to sign in before using the range. He reports he was told off with vulgar language  etc. I would like to know more of this incident from the other 2 people. All must sign in to use the range.

Your President,
Roy Link