Club Holster Course

Quesnel Rod And Gun
Practical Holster Course
Wednesday, June 21st, 6PM

This course is intended to qualify club members to shoot their handguns from a holster on the approved ranges. It is NOT intended to qualify members to participate in IPSC, IDPA or Cowboy Action shooting! It is FREE for club members, $10 for non-members.

A safe, legal handgun (revolver or semi-auto pistol) is required, supplied by the shooter.

Additional equipment required:

eye and ear protection

a safe holster designed for the gun being used, excluding Cross Draw, Shoulder Holsters and any holster that has the muzzle pointing to the rear of the shooter

minimum 50 rounds of non-magnum ammo

The course will be conducted by knowledgeable, experienced shooters who are active participants in the shooting sports.

For additional information or reserve a spot int the course, contact:

Todd Birch

250 249-0170