Wednesday Night E-Target
Bring everything from your hunting rifle on up to your fancy custom benchrest rigs!!! The format will be 2 sighters and 10 shots for score shot at 500m using NRA 500m V-bull scoring * time permitting, more than one group may be shot for score Bring enough ammo to take a few “prover” shots on the gongs to be sure your rifle is on for 500m so we don’t accidently shoot the e-target sensors!! We are asking for a $5 drop in fee to help cover the cost of targets and backers and some prizes going forward Guests may accompany a club member for $10 Bring your tablet or cell phone so you can see your own shots in real time, or even your buddies 3 benches over!!! COME ON OUT AND JOIN US WEDNESDAYS AND “TAKE YOUR SHOT” FOR BRAGGIN’ RIGHTS!!

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