2 Gun Fun Shoot

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2 Gun Fun Shoot

What is 2Gun?

  • Using a rifle and pistol to progress through courses of fire engaging varying targets at different ranges from different positions. There will be 4 courses of fire, engaging targets between 5m and 380m

When, who, how and where?

  • October 10th, Safety briefing starts 9:30, shooting from 10am onwards on the 500m and 100m ranges. Club members and guests of club members can register at www.quesnelrodandgun.ca $10 per ticket and $10 per club gun

What experience / ability / equipment do I need?

  • Enough to safely handle the firearms you are using. This is not a high speed competition, all competitors can conduct the course to their own abilities in a safe manner, if you can’t kneel or bend then skip it or just do what works, this is for fun!
  • No specialized equipment like belts or holsters is needed. If you can carry magazines safely in a jacket/trousers do so, if not a Range Officer will assist with a box. SAFETY FIRST Holsters will not be in use, blackbadge is not required


  • All participants and attendees MUST wear a facemask for the duration of the shoot
  • All club magazines and firearms will be sanitized between users
  • To maintain social distancing and safety this event is not open to very new shooters who would normally need physical help

What do you need to do/have to take part?

  • Register and purchase a ticket(s) $10 per person, if a person wishes to conduct the course a second or third time with different firearms they must purchase an additional ticket per course.
  • Ammo: Rifle 200 rounds (minimum 98 hits required) , Pistol: 200 rounds (Minimum 106 hits required)
  • Guns: A magazine/stripper clip fed rifle of 5.56mm or above with as many magazines you can bring and a pistol/revolver of 9mm or above with as many magazines/speed loaders as you can bring
  • For those who don’t own a suitable rifle or pistol a club rifle (Wk180C) and pistol (S&W M&P 9MM or CZ Shadow 9MM) with magazines can be provided and sanitized between users, it will not be zeroed to you personally. A charge of $10 per club firearm needed will be applied.

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  1. Todd Birch

    200 rds of rifle ammo other than .223/5.56mm is a LOT of ammo! Think of someone shooting any nostalgia battle rifle (M1 Garand, Mauser, Lee-Enfield, Moisin-Nagant, etc.)

    Wearing a mask while shooting can (a) interfere with a proper cheek weld on the stock and (b) the mask can dislodge during shooting.

    At our annual CAS event, the shooter had the option of wearing a mask. Most did not – BUT the RO was required to wear one while supervising a shooter.

    1. Thomas Simpson

      Hi Todd thanks for the questions:

      200 rounds is a lot, but you don’t have to shoot 200 rounds. If someone would like to only do two stages and 100 rounds then no problem, this isn’t a competition, it’s all about safe fun so people are welcome to participate to their chosen capacity.

      If you want to do one stage with a bolt action 303 and the remainder with a 556 or 7.62×39 that’s fine by me. A 5.56 and 9mm club gun is available for use by those who don’t have access to an appropriate firearm or wish to use a more affordable ammo. The ammo the rifle is zeroed to costs 44c a round and is available on GoTenda. All club guns + magazines will be sanitized between users.

      To answer your posted face mask question, I cannot control who attends, where they have been or who they have interacted with. More than 864,000 people have died from COVID19 and countless others from delayed/reduced access to public services. I will continue with requiring people to wear a face mask, accidental dislodging is understandable but is a “might happen” which we can live with compared to not wearing one at all.

      I’m happy to answer more questions as best I can, as a rule of thumb the answer to most questions will revolve around the most safe and fun possible thing.

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