2021 Indoor Rimfire

Due to the additional Covid-19 restrictions scheduled 22 rimfire practices on Sunday’s are suspended until further notice. However 22 JUNIOR rimfire on Mondays will occur EVERY Monday 1800-2000 hrs (6pm-8pm). Please be advised that only “Junior” shooters will be able to shoot and adults can only supervise. Junior shooters are considered anyone under the age of 22 years old.

For further information please contact Troy @ 2502558769 or send email to quesnelrimfire@gmail.com

Effective Monday 4th January 2021 Indoor Rimfire shooting schedule will also be available starting Monday 4th January 2021 1800-2000 hrs (6pm-8pm) and then every other Monday (biweekly) thereafter. This is in addition to the Sunday 22 Rimfire (1000 hrs-1200hrs).   If you would like any further information please contact quesnelrimfire@gmail.com