Letter Request


Todd has asked me to pass this letter along to you all.  Read it at your leisure.  Below is Todd’s note regarding the letter and here is a link to a printable PDF version of it.

While I appreciate the comments I’ve received about my letter, I was hoping that it would inspire others to do likewise.

If you post it on the club web site, please add that it is my request that ALL club members and gun owners write similar letters. The excuse that they are not sufficiently literate to do this is why we are losing. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or intellectual, just polite and to the point.

A flood of such letters to the PM and the Public Safety Minister (copies to the local paper) will get the message across.

This is OUR country, not theirs and we have to let them know it. They work for us!

Regards and Merry Xmas!


The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau,
Prime Minister House of Commons Ottawa,
Ontario K1A 0A6

December 06, 2019


On this thirtieth anniversary of the L’Ecole Polytechnique shootings, the Liberal government has once again engaged in what can only be described as dancing on the graves of the fourteen victims.

Using this as an excuse for further the anti-gun measures is consistent with the history of the Liberal party and the statements of Foreign Affairs Minster Lloyd Axworthy, Justice Minister Alan Rock and Senator Sharon Carstairs.

These people publicly declared that “gun control” in Canada has nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with rendering Canada a disarmed nation within a few generations. This has been an ongoing process since Ron Basford was Justice Minister in your father’s government.

Canadian gun owners are the most closely vetted and scrutinized citizens in the country, our names run daily through the RCMP computer. The evidence is clear that they are not the problem when it comes to the criminal misuse of firearms.

Making them the scapegoats to further the disarmament agenda is nothing short of deliberate public misinformation, a miscarriage of justice and a political travesty. Historically, a political party that does not trust the electorate to have arms is itself not to be trusted.

New regulations and restrictions will not have the effect of reducing the criminal misuse of firearms as criminals are already disregarding current firearms laws. It will have the effect of further dividing the country, a phenomenon of your previous administration, further acerbated by your current minority government.

Firearms are necessary tools for rural Canadians and the majority of sport shooters are located in our major cities. They are not the ones misusing their firearms, despite the campaign of the media and your government to discredit them.

Criminalizing millions of Canadians and the firearms of their choice is reprehensible and unnecessary. In the name of national unity and justice, I urge you to instead focus on criminals and their illegal firearms, leaving sport shooters and hunters to continue enjoying our firearms heritage.


Todd Birch
1071 Halliday Road
Baker Creek, BC
V2J 3H9